Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If You Like Road Construction...

...Yer gonna love this.

To go along with the ongoing Brookline Street reconstruction and the manhole work at Mass and Pearl, the centralsquare.com blog brings us news of the coming River Street reconfiguration at Central Square. From the City announcement:

The roadway will be repaved and new pavement markings and signage will be installed. The travel lanes on River St approaching Mass Ave will be marked as a thru lane (to Prospect Street) and a right turn lane (to eastbound Mass Ave) to
clarify the operation of the intersection.

Given the pedestrian traffic at Central Square (in the crosswalk and the more freestyle variety), I have a hard time imagining what it takes to "clarify" the operation, but I'm glad they're trying. The best part of the whole project is likely north of the square, where the sidewalk along Prospect will get a needed widening, so people aren't falling out of The Field right onto the street.
All told, construction should last through the fall.

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