Friday, August 21, 2009

Volunteer to Help Improve Central Square

Central Square is the place we love to hate: annoyed by litter and crowds, but drawn by necessity and convenience; disappointed by its failures as a public space, but smug in its establishments' low-rent indie street cred.

The city's Economic Development Department is looking for volunteers for the next few weeks to help learn what brings people to Central, how they get there, and what's needed to improve the area. They need five people to fan out to predetermined locations over several dates.

Some details from Elaine Madden, who is heading up the effort:

We in the City’s Economic Development Division are looking for volunteers to help conduct a Customer Intercept Survey in Central Square three days next week and three days the week after Labor Day. We hope to have five people surveying in each time slot.

We thought the survey results would be of interest to the residents of the Cambridgeport neighborhood and other neighborhoods abutting Central Square, as the Square is your cIosest commercial district and a place where many of you may shop, dine, and use professional services.

We will be analyzing the information and hope to share it with residents and the business community in the near future. The goal is to help understand who uses the Square and for what reasons, and to help businesses fill gaps in products and services to better serve their customers and attract new ones.

Please ask any volunteers to contact me ( or 617-349-4618) a.s.a.p. let me know of their interest.

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