Friday, December 4, 2009

The C-port Commercial Real Estate Forecast

In last week's Banker & Tradesman, there was an interesting (and welcome) forecast for the Cambridge Commercial Real Estate market, with regard to life sciences firms. The full article is available to subsribers only, but here's the preview:
Cambridge's life sciences market appears poised to rebound long before the rest of the region's commercial real estate market, thanks to tight constraints on space, healthy demand from small users, and a bit of fortuitous timing.

The article focuses mostly on Cambridge's relative strength in the steady market for smaller, non-blockbuster life sciences spaces, which don't draw a lot of attention, but have mostly avoided the serious commercial real estate downturn, and are better poised for recovery. This is especially relevant for C-port, which has a significant chunk of this kind of commercial space, much of it currently vacant. Additionally, at least two significant redevelopment projects await the rebound of the market in MIT's 130 Brookline Street and 640 Memorial Drive.

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