Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNA Board Election Results

Congrats to incumbants Elizabeth Torrey, Drew Phelps, and Leslie Greis on their re-election and to Cathie Zusy, a new Board member (but who served previously in 2005).

Thanks to the neighbors who turned out for the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association annual meeting, and to the Board Members who put in extra time on behalf of all of us! (Special thanks to Bill August for the efforts he put into preparation for last night's meeting.)

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Jeff said...

Yes, this means that--ouch--I was the only one not selected. But in a judgement between 5 candidates where 4 of them had many more years in Cambridge, previous CNA Board experience, and were able to attend the annual meeting, while one had none of these things, it wasn't a difficult choice. Sincere thanks go to the elected, who put in way more than they get out of their efforts. I hope the blog can continue to act as a digital megaphone for any CNA Board communication.