Monday, April 12, 2010

LBJ Apartments to be Renovated this Summer

The Cambridge Housing Authority held a meeting last night to review plans to renovate LBJ Apartments on Erie Street. Construction is anticipated to begin in August of this year. Having been out of town, we missed the meeting, but here's some information from the flier sent to abutters:

The Cambridge Housing Authority, residents of L. B. Johnson Apartments and Tise Design Associates have been working to develop plans for a renovated LBJ including the building exterior, core buildings systems such as heating and ventilation, as well as significant improvements to unit interiors and common spaces. A main focus has been to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

The Cambridge Housing Authority received a $10 million Federal Stimulus Grant that completed the funding necessary to proceed with modernization at L. B. Johnson Apartments.

For more information, call (617-520-6259) or email Allison Lynch in the Planning and Development for the Cambridge Housing Authority.

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Carla said...

That is great news! The Grant will make the renovation possible and many students will enjoy the modernized buildings. I took part of an exchange and went to study to Argentina. There, people are not used to living inside campus or college, so I had to get an apartment for rent in buenos aires near the school. The good thing, is that in the capital, there is a lot of infrastructure and you can find whatever you want: new buildings, old buildings, houses, condos, apartments, etc. It is easy because there is wide supply but not so wide demand!