Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congrats to Mayor Simmons

From the Chronicle, a story on the recent (historic) wedding of Mayor Denise Simmons:

Simmons, draped in white lace, clasped hands with a suit-and-tie-clad Hayes, as they became the first same sex couple to be married inside the century-old St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church.

Simmons, the nation’s first African American, openly lesbian mayor, said she is cognizant of the deeper social implications of her wedding day in the city that granted the first same sex wedding license in state in 2004.

“Times are changing, people are becoming more accepting of their fellow citizens, and we are slowly arriving at more of a ‘live-and-let-live’ kind of world,” Simmons said in a statement released before the wedding. “Our society is definitely making progress.”

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