Monday, January 4, 2010

Anarchy Reigns: Cambridge Goes Mayor-less

Well, not exactly.

The city's quirky mayoral selection process failed to resolve itself in today's City Council meeting, and so we must wait until next week's meeting to identify the new Mayor. From the Chronicle's update:
It was up to the nine newly sworn-in city councilors to elect the mayor, but their votes were too split to reach a decision. David Maher lead with three votes; Marjorie Decker and Kenneth Reeves received two votes each; and Henrietta Davis got one vote (her own.) Former Mayor Denise Simmons’ own vote was also the only one Simmons received.

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themanshark said...


I've been a C-port resident for about 6 months now. I dig the blog, and check it routinely. It would be cool to get a classifieds section going. Maybe there's a way to import the Cambridge craigslist to blogger.

Also, I'd be glad to help you out with this blog.