Sunday, January 3, 2010

Help Plan the Western Ave Reconstruction

A little late on this, but many in C-port will be interested in the planned reconstruction of Western Ave in neighboring Riverside beginning summer 2011. Having experienced the Brookline reconstruction over the past year, I can vouch that it's no fun during (especially at 7am), but completely worthwhile in the end. The city is seeking community involvement in the planning of the new streetscape.

Per the Community Development Department announcement:
Western Avenue is scheduled to be fully reconstructed. The underground stormwater system, utilities, the roadway and the sidewalks will all need to be replaced. The redesign will consider all users of the street: walkers, bicyclists, bus riders and drivers. The redesign process is about to begin and will consider traffic patterns, lighting, trees, green space and environmentally friendly features.
For those interested in getting informed or involved, take the city's survey, send a letter of interest this week to join the project's Citizen Advisory Committee, or contact in the CDD.

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