Monday, July 13, 2009

When Hot Dogs and Sparklers Aren't Enough

A tale from the Chronicle on a not-so-amusing new Independence Day "tradition" at one address on Putnam Avenue. A selection:

Browne’s house was also the site of a tense confrontation between police and partygoers during last year’s July 4th celebration after officers arrested two men for attacking a third man outside the house party, according to police reports. At that party, police reported a crowd of about 250 people standing in the street and sidewalk in front of the house and blocking traffic, and a large number of officers had to be called in to break up the crowd, according to reports.

Browne apparently decided to throw another house party this year.

UPDATE: Browne reacts.

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cambridgeratmom said...

I have a friend who lives, well, close enough that I won't even say which direction. She does not enjoy the noise and the throngs of people in the street making noise, as though there were no one else living nearby. Gotta say, I just don't get this kind of behavior.