Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brunch Rundown

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For those who greet the arrival of cooler weather with a craving for hot comfort food and less hectic weekends, brunch is one of life's great pleasures. Lucky for us, C-port abounds with good and varied options. Via Winnie Yang and the Nine Dots Boston arts blog comes this rundown of Central Square brunch options (h/t CentralSquare.com).

There are no real surprises on a list that contains Toscanini's, Cragie on Main, Cafe Luna and Brookline Lunch, but its a nice reminder that there are plenty of good local places out there ready to help us put on that protective layer for winter! (Or am I the only one that thinks its a compliment for a bunch to be "definitely on the slower, greasier side of food life"?)

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