Thursday, October 22, 2009

Municipal Elections on Nov. 3rd

Image courtesy Cambridge Chronicle.

UPDATE: Added a link below to the Cambridge Civic Journal, an outstanding resource for residents and voters.
Voting for candidates for City Council and School Committee doesn't have the visceral appeal of national campaigns (Yes we can! Drill baby drill! Ronny Reagan 4-EVA!). The results, however, can have immediate and useful (or annoying) consequences for our day-to-day lives.

So, with less than two weeks until the 11/3 election day, we'll point out the various resources for C-port residents looking for candidates to support. Please vote!

The Chronicle has a Q&A with all the Council candidates (click on each candidates photo). A great resource for viewing multiple candidate profiles (and a host of other city council background) can be found at the Cambridge Civic Journal's 2009 Candidate pages.

The Cambridge Election Commission has the polling places, election calendar (important for absentee voting), specimen ballots, and a list of all the municipal candidates.

Here's the makeup of the current City Council and School Committee with a little background on each.

And I'll admit that I'm pretty curious to see the results of that little contest happening across the river.

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