Sunday, October 25, 2009

C-Port All Over Monday's City Council Agenda

Some good questions to start the week:
  • What's happening at Blessed Sacrament Church (aka the Dana Park Place condo development, pictured at right), and why in the world are they blocking in the beautiful classical portico with CMU?
  • As popular as the Pacific Street dog park is, how about a place to sit for dog owners? Or, since it will soon be dark by 4:30pm, how about some lighting?
  • What should happen with the old police station building on Western Ave at Central Square?
Via seperate emails from City Council member Craig Kelley, we learned that this Monday's City Council Agenda will take up these exact topics (among others). I'm interested specifically in the Blessed Sacrament questions, as we've noticed lots of folks puzzled by the damaging alterations to the exterior in the past few weeks. I posted earlier this summer about work finally resuming on the project. For Monday, Councilor Decker has asked the City Manager to "provide the City Council with an update on the Blessed Sacrament Church construction project, specifically, why there has been a delay in construction and whether or not the developer is building beyond the scope of the permitted plans."

Per Councilor Kelley's emails, anyone can speak for up to three minutes on any topic on the Council's agenda at Monday's Council's meeting. To speak at a Council meeting, call 349-4280 between 9 AM and 3 PM to sign up, or show up at 5:30 to speak. You may email the entire Council at and the City Manager at

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cambridgeratmom said...

I can't imagine the City Council (or the ISD for that matter) caring one bit about a developer building outside of the scope of their permit. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be done? And anyway, no one will do anything about it. That's the Cambridge way. The Banana Republic of Cambridge. No longer liberal; available for a good price.