Sunday, May 9, 2010

Economy Hardware Files for Bankruptcy

Per the blog, the owners of Economy Hardware filed for bankruptcy protection in late April. The Central Square store, along with another store in Brookline, have been a fixture for more than a generation. From the CS post:

In a phone interview Tuesday, owner Larry Friedman said the
company “ran into some challenging years” that ultimately prompted the filing. He is the second-generation owner of the family business that has been in Greater Boston for over 61 years.

“We have no intention of winding down,” Friedman said. “I expect to have the stores as they exist now.”

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File Personal Bankruptcy said...

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lonsum said...

They can't be discharged except through a multiyear process. Or by your death. Which doesn't give any reason for optimism unless you make at least 250K a year after graduation.